Be A Dream Builder- Donate

Support MSC and help us bring smiles, fun and education to the children.

Be a Dream Builder for MSC 4 this July 2013
Help sponsor parts of a child’s camp and bring their dreams of a summer camp into reality by purchasing one of the tees below for them. Email us for further information on how to donate/purchase a tee with us.

Here’s 4 designs of tees on sale: 

  1. Moulding Future ($30): 
    In buying this tee, you’ll be donating to a child stationaries, our camp textbook, and other lesson materials. It’s an educational package to kickstart a child’s passion for learning. 
  2. Nourishing Life ($50): 
    In buying this tee, you’ll be donating to a child all the meals at camp, first aid needs as well as a visit from the doctor to check for their health. It’s nourishing package to build young lives. 
  3. Bridging Hearts ($100): 
    In buying this tee, you bring together hearts of volunteers and donors with the children through the much needed gift of new pairs of clothes and shoes. Bring to children the warmth of new clothing no longer tattered, and the joy of exploration of the world in new shoes that brings no pain to the tender heels of a child!
  4. Forging Dreams ($200): 
    This encompasses the vision of MSC to bring hopes and dreams to children for a better future. They are not forgotten and they are loved. Grant these children a chance for a dream come true- to be able to attend a summer camp as with all normal school-going mongolian children and experience childhood as it has always meant to be but denied to them. Package contains parts of the cost of campsite rental and other logistical costs of the camp. Be that dream forger!