About Mongolia Summer Camp

About the Project

Mongolia Summer Camp is an educational fun camp run by international youths volunteers for street children in Mongolia to teach them basic english, music and art as well as values through games and activities. The camp is situated in the rural green pasture in traditional mongolian tents and provides both volunteers and children a chance to be close to nature and enjoy nature’s beauty through activities like hiking and horse-riding. 

The project seeks to enable youth volunteers to give off whatever little time and resources that they have to serve the less fortunate in the society by running a simple camp. It also hopes to provide a chance for informal education for street children to equip them with a basic foundation to continue further in life. To inspire them to hope, to fight and never give up. The project aspires to bridge together the hearts of people from miles apart to forge a common dream of a better future. 

Brief History

Mongolia Summer Camp is an independent and self-initiated project that started in July 2010. The project was conceived two years before this by the project director who learnt about poverty and the situation of street children in mongolia through an international youth humanitarian forum that she went. With a leap of faith and two years of planning and preparation work, the project finally kicked of with the first of what is to be an annual fun and education summer camp for street children in Mongolia. 

The project is now supported and endorsed by St. Andrews Star Scout Group which is a registered scout group under Singapore Scouts Association. The project still welcomes all volunteers (scouts and non-scout members) from all walks of life and nationalities. 

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